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On closing day, you seal the deal. It's also your last chance to make changes.

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Spending this month thinking about making a change? Here's how to have a better shot at success.

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Forecasters tell us why the year ahead will be good for stock investments.

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Would you believe businesses actually market these pricey items to consumers?

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Can't stomach the bad food you received? Your credit card may not make you swallow the bill.

Mapping the road to a fixed-rate HELOC, Wed, 01 Apr 2015

If the draw period on your HELOC is ending in the next few years, here's a plan of action.

Retirement savings credit doubles payoff, Wed, 01 Apr 2015

For lower-income filers, money put away for retirement could cut today's tax bill.

Getting remarried. What the HECM?, Wed, 01 Apr 2015

What if the sole borrower on a reverse mortgage dies and the remaining spouse gets hitched again?

What are the Roth IRA rules?, Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Retirement plans get extra attention during tax season. Here's a look at Roth IRAs.

Traditional IRAs make tax sense for some filers, Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Is a traditional IRA the best tax savings move? It depends on your financial and tax situation.

Do we have to pay tax on cruise gift card prizes?, Tue, 31 Mar 2015

You must report the cruise gift cards as "other income," but you may also get a deduction.

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Could you afford Don Draper's lifestyle? Check out the cost of "Mad Men" living.

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Think you can go a month without spending? Follow these tips to flex your savings muscle.

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Like trying to squeeze into the right pair of pants, you need to find a mortgage that fits you.

What can creditors take in a bankruptcy?, Tue, 31 Mar 2015

When filing Chapter 7, you must disclose all assets, but it doesn't mean you can't keep some.

6 things to do before you buy a home, Mon, 30 Mar 2015

You've decided to buy. Congrats! Now it's time to get your financial house in order.

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If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.

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As Congress tries to reduce the deficit, some tax breaks may be on the chopping block.

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A strong jobs market helped keep financial security near a record high.